The tail wagging the dog – Ofsted, accountability and how we run our schools 2


So what now?

For Ofsted

I personally believe that we need Ofsted to hold schools to account.

  •  Now compulsory SEFs have gone, to some people’s relief, I think there is a hole (quick search shows it’s still available for EYFS?) . A hole for checking essentials. A way of ensuring that the processes and systems a school have are effective and having the desired outcomes. I propose that schools should have to present ‘where they are’ in a common format to justify their own self evaluation. This is then shared with the inspectors. Their job is then to collect evidence that supports or contradicts this. The inspectors are therefore holding the leaders to account on what they are saying is happening. Leaders should be able to easily direct inspectors to where they can find the evidence. If a school is effectively monitoring and evaluating over the two years…

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