London calling to the faraway towns

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An interesting report this morning from IFS and IoE suggesting that the reasons for the improvement in London schools may be more complicated than previously thought (by some).

Some very brief thoughts of my own on why London schools have improved faster than others.

School density.

Consider one of the (very) large differences between London and the rest of the UK:

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.07.21

Population density obviously has an impact on school density.

Two factors in school improvement are collaboration and competition. Both these factors, particularly at secondary level are more likely to exist in a era of high school density. Schools are more likely to collaborate when teachers can walk down to road to the other school than they are when the nearest school is an hours drive. Competition can only be effective as a driver for school improvement when there is any.


Immigration has impacted on areas other than London, but…

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