Lado has a problem

The Modern Miss

“Hello Miss, sorry to bother you at lunchtime, only Lado came to see me after he left your lesson.”

“Yes?” Who are you? Where did Lado go after he stormed out of the classroom? “Sorry, you are…?”

“I’m Mrs Ali, from Student Support. Lado came to me when you sent him out of the classroom, he was very upset. He says he doesn’t know why you told him off. He says he wasn’t doing anything.”This much is true, in part. He wasn’t doing any work.“He wants to know why you told him off. Lado, come here, the teacher is going to explain herself.” Explain myself?????!!!!!

“Lado, I told you off because you were refusing to do any work. You also hit another pupil with a ruler and tore up someone else’s book. You then swore at me and stormed out of the classroom. I didn’t send you out.”

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