Festival Feedback – Is AfL wrong?


For me, this was one of the must-see sessions at the festival.  When it was introduced however, Dylan Wiliam observed that: “they say there is nothing like a good introduction … and that was nothing like a good introduction”.  He was right.  Perhaps Dylan Wiliam and David Didau didn’t really need introducing, but I’d like to see if I can do a better job.

If you’re a teacher, it is highly likely that elements of your classroom practice are based on research carried out by Dylan Wiliam.  He originally began his working life as a Maths teacher, but now – nearly 40 years later – he is the Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at the KCL Institute of Education.  Much of his recent work has focused on the use of assessment to support learning.  In 1998 he co-authored, with Paul Black, a major review of the research evidence on formative assessment.  Their findings have had a significant influence over government policy, and over the way in which teachers…

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