Competing with the very best! It’s a PISA cake!

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International Benchmarking 2015 2020 – An overview

Centre on International education benchmarking

What can we learn from the top performing education systems in the world?

The top performing school systems in the world and those that top the PISA tables, including Finland, South Korea, China and Singapore have done so primarily because they have produced an education system that is more effective in doing three things: getting more talented people to become teachers, developing these teachers into better instructors and in ensuring that these instructors deliver consistently for every child in the system. In short they recruit great people, train them well, and commit to the continuous improvement of pedagogical skills and knowledge.

  1. Teaching as a profession is given stature-they get the right people to become teachers

Teachers should be highly prized. It should be difficult to become a teacher, and the job should be socially prestigious. In Finland…

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