The Trivium

When in Rome...

Have you read it? It is a bloody great book and well worth a read if you haven’t. The benefit of attending conferences like Ed Fest are that you get to meet the people behind the books or the ideas that they present.

I was beyond excited about Martin Robinson’s session for this very reason.

In some respects, what Martin is suggesting ties in with what Tom Sherrington says that

‘Without a deposit of knowledge and settled moral principles, a human being is helpless.’

Ferdinand Mountado.

Martin introduces three schools of thought:

  • Grammarian – fundamental knowledge and skills
  • Dialectic – argument
  • Rhetoric – freedom of speech.

He suggests that grammar was the first on the scene, followed by dialectic which seeks to critique the foundations established by grammar yet this leads to rhetoric and the freedom of speech or the freedom to have an opinion.


So in a unit…

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