Post 3.1: Questions for the LA, for Ofsted, for the DfE and about IEBs prompted by December 2013-April 2014 events

Andrea Morley School governor

Questions for the Local Authority

  1. Why was the Governing Body (GB) at (school’s name) replaced by an IEB, despite there being no suggestion that this was appropriate in the December Ofsted report and despite there being no call for an External Review of Governance?
  2. Why do some schools in Special Measures in (LA name) still have their GBs in place, now led by a Chair put in place and paid by the LA but with other governors remaining as volunteers, rather than being replaced by an IEB and/or forced to become academies?  Why was this option not offered to (school’s name)? What other approaches does (LA’s name) adopt for schools in Special Measures?  What are the respective criteria for the different approaches used?  What evaluation has been done as to the effectiveness of the different approaches?
  3. Why was (school’s name) GB not offered…

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