Stack of Marking

This is a quick one that I wrote for my work newsletter so I thought I’d stick it on here as well:

I’m just starting in a new role as a Functional Skills teacher which means I now deal with a whole new range of English and Maths assessments. Yippee. Time flies when you’re marking a seemingly infinite stack of identikit assessment papers doesn’t it?

I sit there in my kitchen, coffee cup loaded, trusty red pen in hand, ready to fight the good fight against illegible handwriting, indecipherable marking criteria and sheer universe-like volume. Then I look up at the clock and it’s tomorrow and I’m sorely tempted to close the blinds and go and hide under my bed (maybe do a bit of rocking) rather than jump in the shower and go to work to face…well…more marking usually.

I try to navigate seemingly labyrinthine exam enrolment procedures, forms…

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