Second in Department


I mentioned in my GCSEs Done post that a vacancy for the second in department has arisen and having looked at the job specification my excitement for the post is increasing. Without listing the entire job spec the major roles are:

  • KS3 lead
  • Pupil premium progress – monitoring and leading intervention provision
  • Numeracy across the curriculum school lead
  • Internal data
  • Primary liaison

Now I already do some of the above in some capacity, having previous blogged about the PP intervention this year, with the only major new roles being that of key stage 3 and NAC lead. Both of these will be significant roles and require a lot of time but overall I couldn’t ask for a better job spec and things I would want to do and also feel very capable of doing.

The changes at GCSE for current year 8s will require significant changes in KS3 curriculum…

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