I Was Warned About You: Jaded Old Teachers

101% Innumerate

I remember one bit of advice given in my teacher training 9 years ago – don’t listen to the jaded old crusties cluttering up the staff room, teaching their boring lessons. They’re dead wood, shouldn’t still be around and can’t cope with the new generation. They can’t cope with change and they don’t understand the new great ways to teach. They don’t even do group work.

Now, I also remember some of the reactions of the jaded or deeply cynical to some things that happened. Brain Gym was a classic. My HoD at the time was clear on her view -“what UTTER bollocks!” Learning styles and VAK? “A licence to fiddle with crap and swing on their chair” from another old teacher. They just didn’t understand that these were new and revolutionary. Hey, sitting and listening may have been okay in their day, but kids now just can’t concentrate for…

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