Learning notes from Basel – 1

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More invisible, untechnical learning today. For the third year, we were guests of Norvartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical multinational in Basel. The company is developing a new campus in the city, where all of their research and development and management functions are situated. In a far-sighted move, the company realised that the best way to attract global scientific and professional talent is to make the experience of working for the company as enjoyable and productive as possible.

This is why all of their new buildings are designed on the principle of maximising human interaction, so that ideas become infectious. They have also invested huge amounts in staff facilities such as creches, restaurants, on-campus shops and an excellent built environment all in the understanding that employees whose needs have ben looked after are likely to be more content and therfore more productive. Technology has been used to enable the workers from 81…

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I offer short courses in the basics of Critical Thinking to small groups. I am a former teacher with 30 years' experience. I taught CT to 'A' Level for a significant period.
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