How to Argue for Progressive Education

Scenes From The Battleground

A few weeks back, just after the publication of Progressively Worse, I noticed how few serious attempts there were to argue for progressive education on the basis of anything resembling empirical evidence, or coherent reasoning. Out of frustration, I tweeted a guide to arguing for progressive education in the way is it normally done on Twitter and in blogs.

Here is the full list:

  1. Disagreement with a progressive is a personal attack.
  2. Personal attacks on traditionalists aren’t personal attacks.
  3. If all else fails, object to the tone of somebody’s argument.
  4. Claim nobody really disagrees with you and anyone who says they do is wrong.
  5. Anyone who disagrees, hasn’t understood (but make no attempt to remedy the misunderstanding)
  6. Disagreement is only acceptable from certain types. Non-teachers or new teachers are not allowed.
  7. Anyone who disagrees with you, just doesn’t care as much as you do. Which is a lot.
  8. Education debate should…

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