Fun Inflation – Or the curious incident of the Lebanese exchange students.

Esse Quam Videri

At this time of year it can be hard to engage our year 12 students. They have worked really hard and had enough but are required to reappear in school to start their A2 courses. They aren’t really up for hard work. A few years back I had some ‘less well focused’ classes and so was not exactly excited to find out their numbers would be swelled by the addition of a group of students from the Lebanon on a two week exchange. As usual I had planned a feast of fascinating and lively lessons to tempt the sated appetites of my beleaguered year 12s – but this year they were really not interested and not very well behaved. However, when the Lebanese students arrived things became even more challenging…

Those exchange students just loved history and politics lessons! They were thirsty to learn, excited by the fascinating stuff we…

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