Respect: The Oil of Civilisation


The more I read from the poles of the pedagogy debate, the clearer it becomes that one of the main issues is fuzziness around what ‘respect’ should mean in the school setting. (See this earlier preliminary post). That’s respect cutting both ways, student-teacher, and teacher-student. If the operating theory of respect is faulty then the consequences are far reaching, because this will inform the philosophical underpinnings of the teacher and the students. In the limit, the teacher becomes tyrannical or the student becomes anarchic. I think that between these poles effective teaching is possible, and the jury is still out in terms of what optimal teaching looks like.

Perhaps we need to think about what we mean by ‘Respect’ generally. I mean, what respect-characteristics do we want in Society at large? This is a very important consideration, because you might expect that the model of Respect we introduce at school…

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