A reading list for the new history curriculum: Part I

Clio et cetera

image Readings for 1066-1509

The summer holiday is coming into sight, and, no doubt, history teachers across the land are beginning to think about their reading lists. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share what I think are some of the best things to read with a sequence of posts. There really isn’t much of a logic to my selection other than ‘these are things I found useful’.


This post: 1066-1509

The first lesson I ever taught was on the Norman Conquest and I hadn’t really studied the period at all since I was 11. I needed a quick, readable introduction to the conquest, and so I went with David Bates’ biography of William the Conqueror. I’d also recommend the chapter in Melvyn Bragg’s The Adventure of English as this is fully of juicy examples of how the conquest changed the English language.

I think many history teacher…

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