Top 10 Questioning Strategies

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[by John Smith]

I am a fan of Doug Lemov’s ‘micro techniques’, which seem to get to the heart of what good teaching is all about. These ‘tricks of the trade’ got me thinking of the results ofa MathsDepartment session on Questioning, which I have summarised below. I hope you find at least one idea to try in your classroom.

1.Hinge Questions : “A check for understanding at a ‘hinge-point’ in a lesson, so-called because of two inter-linked meanings:
- It is the point where you move from one key idea/activity/point on to another.
- Understanding the content before the hinge is a prerequisite for the next chunk of learning.”

2. Allow thinking time before selecting a response.

3. Ask the question at leasttwice.

4. Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce via @teachertoolkit

5. Reward good questions from students: stars/merits – “you were all thinking it, Jimmy asked it!”

6. Fruit…

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