Some thoughts on feedback

Class Teaching

hattie feedbackThe table above from Hattie suggests that feedback can have a significant impact on achievement – usually positive, but not always.  So it deserves some further exploration.  In this paper by Hattie & Timperley, they describe feedback as:

“….information provided by an agent (e.g., teacher, peer, book, parent, self, experience) regarding aspects of one’s performance or understanding.”

So from a classroom point of view, it’s worth considering feedback in two ways, as outlined below:

feedbackloopFeedback from the teacher to the student is important as it can ensure that learning is informed and so able to move forward.  Similarly, the teacher should use feedback from the performance of students to inform and so adapt their teaching.  The latter should happen on a number of levels:

  • In the lesson – when students aren’t ‘getting it’, stop and reframe the learning.
  • In between lessons – so during one lesson, students may have picked up one…

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