The nerve centre: readers, libraries and librarians.


Last week I had a fascinating conversation with one of our librarians. When you work in a school with an excellent library and librarians you just take it for granted that this is the norm. Our librarians are amazing: they are eminently knowledgeable about fiction of all kinds; they respond helpfully to practically any request they are presented with; and, to top it all, they keep an immaculate and wonderfully organised library for hundreds of students to use every day.

I had never realised just what a time-consuming and highly skilled job this is. The sheer number of hours it takes to keep these places ordered as you have all those anarchistic young people coming in and out every day is eye-watering. And the stock. I had no idea, but a good library needs at least 10 books per student. Most schools have about a thousand kids, so this means…

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