Authority, part one

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noun: authority

  1. the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.

“he had absolute authority over his subordinates”

o  the right to act in a specified way, delegated from one person or organization to another.

“military forces have the legal authority to arrest drug traffickers”

o  official permission; sanction.

“the money was spent without parliamentary authority”

  1. a person or organization having political or administrative power and control.

“health authorities issued a worldwide alert”

Authority has become known as a dirty word in education. In an era where teachers have been seen as the guide on the side, pupil voice took a hold over many schools, and pupils have been increasingly seen as consumers, authority of teachers, of the Headteacher, and of adults in schools has not been universally seen as desirable.

I think authority is essential in schools.

One of the things that attracted…

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