Can (free) schools avoid nonsense 4 (Behavior)?


Before writing about behavior it’s important to be clear about what is meant by good and poor behavior. I intend to write about behavior in a general sense and behavior for learning separately.

What these things mean is not uncontroversial and in my opinion they are best kept simple. So:

What is good behavior?

I define “good behavior” as behavior that makes the environment a pleasant one to be in for staff and pupils alike and does not disrupt learning. This is a starting point from which things like politeness, helpfulness, following instructions etc flow.

What is poor behavior?

I define poor behavior as behavior that makes the environment less pleasant for staff and pupils or disrupts learning. Again this is just a starting point.

What is good behavior for learning?

Good behavior for learning is exhibited when a pupils takes charge of or takes responsibility for their own learning/progress.

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