Less than one week to my DfE FOI Tribunal

Laura McInerney

10359075_10100812394551969_1989011723117697300_o Freedom fighting involves a lot of paperwork

Twenty months ago I asked the DfE for some information about free schools; next week I will be in court for a 2-day hearing. During the hearing, the DfE will appeal a judgement from the Information Commission Office stating that I ought to be given the documents.

What did I ask for that was so controversial? (1) Free School application forms, and (2) Decision letters sent to applicants outlining the reasons for their school’s acceptance or rejection. Until 2010 similar materials were always available to the public. If a local authority opens or applies to expand a maintained school, they still are. Furthermore, when the Information Commission Office reviewed the case he said the law fell ‘very strongly’ in favour of disclosure. Hence, at that point, I thought I had won. But I was wrong.

The process is actually a ‘tribunal’ rather than…

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