After Gove: Musings on teaching English Literature 3 AQA and the waiting game.

English Teaching Resources

This blog post is the third in the series which I hope is proving useful whilst allowing me to get my head round the changes that are about to happen to the teaching of English Literature. The first pair can be found here: and here:
They have received an airing on Twitter and provoked discussion. Since AQA will publish their draft on 19 June, as far as I am aware, I have chosen to look at the “companion guide” available, if you hunt for it, here:

It is hard to avoid another burst of disappointment. In the literature section we find this list:
Our texts include (my bold)
An Inspector Calls
Lord of the Flies
Play script of The Curious
Incident of the Dog in the
Anita and Me
Romeo and Juliet
Great Expectations
Pigeon English
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

What is going…

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