A horror story: Does Ofsted get it wrong again?

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 23.46.44

Following my the post earlier in the week on the fact that Ofsted inspectors seemingly continue to break the rule with impunity, a number of people got in touch with similar tales of woe. It certainly seems that a lot of teachers seem to be experiencing inspectors flouting the very clear instructions in the new April 2014 edition of theInspection Handbook. Maybe someone should keep some sort of database of these instances? 

I have to say that Mike Cladingbowl, the National Director of Schools seems to be doing his best to combat so-called ‘rogue inspectors and yesterday tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 23.27.04

I’d love to know what Mike plans to do with all these complaints…

Anyhow, a reader sent me a particularly harrowing account of the college they work in and its recent inspection. This is especially interesting as it highlights precisely why Ofsted get so few official complaints from schools about their inspection process. If 80% of schools are good or better, very few will see any point about complaining if an inspector has graded a lesson or done something else untoward.

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