Ofsted inspectors continue to do whatever they like

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A few days ago after reading and retweeting this blog post from @cazzypot on the ongoing vagaries and inconsistencies of Ofsted, A head of MFL at a school in Hounslow got in touch to let me know how dissatisfied she was were here recent experience of the inspectorate. What follows is an edited version of the email she sent me.

Ofsted visited my new school in April this year, a week after they had ‘done’ my previous school. Former colleagues told me of unfair grading despite the fact that inspectors have been instructed not to grade individual lessons.

The first day of the inspection just came and went. Nobody on the front line. But on the second day I was seen twice. The first observation came in Period 1 and was a joint observation with an inspector and my headteacher. The feedback in the headteacher’s office lasted longer than the actual observation.

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