Ofsted – carrying on regardless


You may be aware that I recently had a mishap. For those of you who don’t already know the details, 6 weeks ago I fell down the stairs. Despite only falling down the last 3 stairs, I managed to break both legs: 1 fracture to my left ankle and 4 fractures to my right leg – including a broken heel. Having spent 4 (long) weeks in hospital, I am, thankfully, back at home now. I have a comfortable bedroom in our lounge, and am managing a lot better than I expected to (with a LOT of help from my long-suffering partner!) The main benefit of being back home is that I can spend time with my children (aged 2 and 7). We can read books, sing songs…and of course there are the many wonders on ‘Netflix Kids’ to explore! Although I still can’t put any weight on either leg, I…

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