Stack of Marking

There’s that one with the triangle that shows you if you’re going to remember something in a week. I think it’s called ‘The Multi-Coloured Triangle of Remembering Something in a Week’.

Then there’s that one that says you’re oppressing your students if you teach them home economics or something.

There’s SOLO designed by the distinguished educationologist Jason Derulo where you must defeat a series of end-of-level bosses by asking open questions whilst break-dancing.

There’s growth mindset where you can heal the sick and jump buildings in a single bound with the liberal application of the word ‘yet’.

There’s child-led learning where a classroom of 5 year-olds fight to wear a corduroy jacket and the one who wins gets to tell the others what to do then goes home and wonders what went wrong in his/her life.

Or…I could be somewhat mistaken.

You see, I’ve never really properly engaged with theory…

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