Babble in the Bubble: UFSM, Clegg, and the general dysfunction of the British state

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I’m going to blog more on recent events later but for now, a rushed response for various people interested in Clegg on WATO just now… (Please post errors in comments and I’ll fix later.)


In September 2013, Clegg announced the UFSM gimmick at LibDem conference with no proper preparation or costing, and giving the DfE only hours notice. Absolutely typical of modern Westminster and a small example of broader dysfunction (HS2 and aircraft carriers are bigger examples of the broader dysfunction).

On 29 November, Gove wrote to HMT pointing out the DfE was already 400m overspent on capital.

On 3 December 2013, Clegg’s office told DfE that it would announce the next day new capital funding for kitchens. (Clegg’s office had forgotten about kitchens when they made the original announcement.)

DfE said (paraphrase)… Don’t announce stuff on this yet again on the back of a fag packet or it will…

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