A Convergence of Interests?

Horatio Speaks

We are oft to blame in this –

Tis too much proved – that with devotion’s visage

And pious action we do sugar o’er

The devil himself. – Hamlet

There is an unfortunate convergence of interests becoming apparent in the recent research gold rush which raises questions about the quality of the educational debate – or, more accurately, the quality of research input into the debate about where education should be going.

Consider, for example, the Education Endowment Foundation. The government has invested considerable funds via the EEF to run randomized controlled trials. One of the RCT evaluations recently released by the EEF was for a programme called Switch-On Reading. What is not apparent in the headline, but appears later in the report, is that the programme is in fact a repackaging of Reading Recovery, which is now being aimed at students at the transition between Key Stages 2 and…

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