Why I won’t sign the open letter on PISA

From experience to meaning...

Don’t get me wrong many of the complaints the authors and subscribers of the open letter to Andreas Schleicher on the too big influence PISA has on education policy worldwide I do subscribe.

These are some of the complaints I agree with:

  •  In education policy, Pisa, with its three-year assessment cycle, has caused a shift of attention to short-term fixes designed to help a country quickly climb the rankings, despite research showing that enduring changes in education practice take decades, not a few years, to come to fruition.
  • By emphasising a narrow range of measurable aspects of education, Pisa takes attention away from the less measurable or immeasurable educational objectives like physical, moral, civic and artistic development, thereby dangerously narrowing our collective imagination regarding what education is and ought to be about.

  • As an organisation of economic development, OECD is naturally biased in favour of the economic role of…

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