Assessment Without Levels – An Opportunity for Growth

Class Teaching

When the Government announced that KS3 levels were going to be scrapped, the reaction was mostly one of relief.  Many people agreed that levels had become less and less to do with learning and more to do with accountability – did parents, students or staff really understand the difference between a 5a and a 6c?.  This was then followed by the inevitable panic – what was going to replace them? Nothing according to the DfE – it was going to be up to schools to come up with their own assessment approach.

I quite liked this. I’d always thought that the purpose of assessment should be very simple – to let students know what they know, find out what they don’t know and support them, through great feedback, to fill this learning gap.  By doing so, it should also encourage them to aspire to excellence.  So, I saw this announcement from…

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