What have I learned from writing about Ofsted? Seven reflections

Improving Teaching

The Greenwich Free School Ofsted inspection happened in February.  It’s now May.  While the posts were re-drafted recently, the core of everything I’ve published was written in the spring half-term.  What have I learned since publishing?

1) People love reading about Ofsted

Andrew Old’s axiom, that a blog with ‘Ofsted’ in its title is sure of success, seems to have held: the site has been unprecedentedly busy.  I hope that it has added something to the discussion of inspections, lifting the veil a little, whether on the inside of a criticised school, the Evidence Forms of an observation or the thought processes of a teacher before, during and after.  However, I wonder about our priorities.  I’ll never forget a Metro front page from five years ago, of which this is a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 21.04.20

Fear sells (I picked up a copy too).  It would be churlish of me to criticise those who have been interested enough to read my posts.  I think they were pretty…

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