Searching Pupils Safely

Peter Monfort

In a week when a colleague has been tragically lost following a fatal stabbing in a school, teachers and school leaders will no doubt be asking questions about their own safety measures and wondering about such topics as the power to search students.

I should start by saying that my thoughts are with the family of Ann Maguire.  It is clear from the reporting that she was an inspirational teacher and this only adds to the immense sense of loss that this violent act has brought about.

Focusing now on schools and what we might do to improve our own safety I think today’s announcement by Brian Lightman is a sensible starting point.  Brain called for calm and warned against turning schools into fortresses and I am inclined to agree.  This sort of incident is thankfully a rarity in our schools.  With any risk avoidance strategy the steps put into…

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English and Media Studies teacher in the wilds of Coventry, about to start my tenth year, which in itself is frankly terrifying. In the small pockets of free time I have have been known to do things like Tough Guy, circuit classes and swim often, very often. It is what keeps sanity near and insanity at bay.
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