Coalition Regional Commissioners vs. Labour School Directors – Who Wins?

Matt Hood

This post is by Laura McInerney. It will become obvious why. Tomorrow’s post will be in my voice!

Today the Labour Party announced their vision for ‘Directors of School Standards’. This is hot on the heels of the Coalition’s ‘Regional Schools Commissioners’. And both are allegedly answers to The Big Middle Tier Problem (aka “who should watch over schools to make sure they aren’t rubbish?”)

I’ve been asked to write about Middle-Tier-Problem umpteen times but declined because I found it too boring to commit to paper until I was involved in a heated email exchange with my genius friend, Matt Hood. Exasperated, I drew the model on paper and sent it to him with a narrative of its benefits. Having (mostly) convinced him, we refined the model and began trying to convince politicians, thinktanks, and advisers of its merits

Today this blog compares the Labour Directors with Coalition Commissioners. Then…

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