An evidence based teaching profession shouldn’t deal in absolutes

Evidence into Practice

Really interesting blog article by James Richardson on the EEF website – where he makes a number of excellent points about evidence in education.

An evidence based teaching profession shouldn’t deal in absolutes. Rarely will there be a definitive answer to the question; what works in raising pupil attainment? … Education, perhaps more than any other policy arena, is soured by arguments based on false dichotomies; straw men constructed to defend the status quo or win political arguments, often adding little value to the collective endeavour of improving outcomes for all.

This is very true – and I think it is the natural position for someone genuinely interested in evidence based practice within education. It’s too easy for confirmation bias to lead us into ignoring evidence that doesn’t comply with any ideological position we hold – or exaggerate the evidence base for the positions we do hold.

He tackles three…

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