When Teachers Stopped Teaching

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‘Those who challenge the status quo often earn the hatred of those in power.’

Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind


Why are 7 million adults across generations illiterate in Britain? Why do we spend £89 billion on education and still have 21% innumeracy among school leavers? Why were 44 teachers hospitalised by pupils in 2010? Why do teacher training courses and textbooks contain so many references to Vygotsky, born in 1890s Russia under the reign of the Tsar? Why have 21% of UK pupils been diagnosed as SEN – five times the EU average? Why are there some regions where just 20% of poor pupils leave school with 5 GCSE’s, when in some regions, it is 80%? 

Robert Peal’s book on the history of education chronicles how these puzzles came about.

History can enlighten us to the present by explaining the past. This book does exactly that: it exposes…

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