What does a teacher need to know?

Clio et cetera

roman-teacher Is there more a teacher does, can, or should know than a teacher thousands of years ago?

I filled out a reference recently for someone applying for a Head of History post. As anyone who has filled out references knows, you tend to get a list of criteria and then get asked to rate the applicant against the criteria. The one I had to do divided the criteria in two: ‘teaching ability’ and ‘subject knowledge’.

Under ‘teaching ability’ were (amongst others) ‘sensitivity to students’, ‘personal and emotional stability’, ‘discipline and classroom control’ and ‘relationships with staff and parents’.

Under ‘subject knowledge’ were ‘ability to manage time’, ‘work as a team member’, ‘meet deadlines’, ‘acceptance of positive criticism’ and ‘honesty and integrity’.

Something strike you as odd here?

Now don’t get me wrong: all of these things are important. Scrap that – they are all essential. Who would want to…

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