Fixing the Aussie Curriculum

Filling the pail

The Australian Curriculum is under review and so far much of the comment has been directed to the history component of the curriculum and the suitability of the reviewers. However, I’d like to take another tack.

It is essential that we have a national curriculum. There are powerful arguments in its favour. Without a national curriculum, the poorest members of society suffer. They are the ones most likely to move schools during their education as their parents seek work or as families structures change. Without a coherent, unifying form to the curriculum, this leads to a disjointed education. Respected US academics such as E D Hirsch Jr and Daniel T Willingham  claim that breadth of knowledge is essential for reading comprehension. Reading itself is an essential skill for learning new concepts and so this means that a critical part of preparing students for learning new things in the future is to…

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