Students should be able to freely access their marked exam papers. End of argument!

Laura McInerney

Over the past forever a central concern has driven examination reform:

Employers don’t think exams are doing a very good job of differentiating students and/or they are not providing the right skills.

But behind this claim usually lies a lot of ignorance. Employers are often surprisingly lacking in knowledge about the content of exams that they malign. They also tend not to have a clear understanding of the accuracy/argument level students must demonstrate to achieve particular grades. This particularly true for subjects they never personally studied. This is why those who studied at ‘traditional’ schools often hold mistaken beliefs about subjects such as media studies or psychology, and why people who never studied Latin or Classics commonly do the same.

So, here’s a very simple solution to these problems:

Give every student access to their completed GCSE/A-Level exam papers in an online hub. The student would log-in using a password and…

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