Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Twelve


The first volume of the new term- not exhaustive but a range of primary and primary-related posts from the last few weeks. If you have any blogs that you would like included for future volumes please tweet them with the #NowPrimary.

1. To plan or not to plan, via @LeadingLearner:

2. Learning walls, via @StephenConnor7:

3. Email for FS and KS1, via @mr_macmac:

4. New curriculm booklet, via @michaelt1979:

5. Who are the children in your classroom, via @ChrisChivers2:

6. THe problem with FFT, via @IcingOnCakeBlog:

7. Emergent writing, via @nurserynook:

8. MFL in the new primary curriculm, via @jowinchester:

9. Testing times, courtesy of @nancygedge:

10. What goes on behind a Head’s closed door? Courtesy of @jillberry106:

11. Honesty in education, via @PrimaryHead1:

12. Using computer games as a prompt for writing, via @FarrowMr:

13. Cabinet making…

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