Interesting read: What the PISA problem-solving scores mean–or don’t.

From experience to meaning...

Daniel Willingham wrote a new blog post on the latest PISA results who emphasized on problem solving . But is the test measuring what it means? Actually Willingham really don’t know for sure:

“The authors sought to present problems that students might really encounter, like figuring out how to work a new MP3 player, or finding the quickest route on a map, and or figuring out how to buy a subway ticket from an automated kiosk.

So with this justification, we don’t need to make a strong case that we really understand problem-solving at a psychological level at all. We just say “this is the kind of problem solving that people do, so we measured how well students do it.”

This justification makes me nervous because the universe of possible activities we might agree represent “problem solving” seems so broad, much broader than what we would call activities for “citizenship reading.”…

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