The Ofsted report – Part III: How well does the GFS Ofsted report reflect reality in the school?

Improving Teaching

Are we a successful school?  Let me start with the encouraging words of two teachers whose opinions I respect enormously and who have both visited the school this academic year.  On hearing we were to be inspected, they wrote:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 19.21.26

Are we an effective school?  I have brilliant colleagues.  I teach wonderful students.  Between the two, some pretty amazing stuff happens.  Moonlighting Ofsted inspectors at our Mocksted last summer showered us with praise.  I’ve visited nine schools since we opened, with Ofsted grades ranging from ‘Requiring Improvement’ to ‘Outstanding.’  I’ve learned from all of them; none has shaken my pride in what we’re doing or led me to question our direction.  Like all schools and teachers, there are areas of our practice which are strong, aspects we are prioritising improving, things set aside to improve upon in due course.

Given my limited contact with the team, I struggle to explain what happened.  Perhaps readers should simply rely on…

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