Hearty Musings


So, for Valentine’s Day this year, I gave myself a cardiac arrest. I was broken hearted.

In this post I contemplate the story of my cardiac arrest, my earlier heart attack, and the life saving treatment I received from strangers. How does this relate to the debate over “knowledge transmission” vs “discovery learning”?

This story begins in my kidneys, apparently. It turns out mine aren’t great – one is very small. I never knew this. The medical people discovered it during the investigations following my myocardial infarction (MI), or heart attack. And the thinking is that, over the years, this caused my blood pressure to rise leading to heart disease. I thought my asthma was getting worse, which is what the GP told me too.

So, one June day I was eating my lunch in the school canteen when I started to suffer what I thought was indigestion. And a…

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