Grammar, Grandma, Grammar


I was late setting off to work this morning; the reason needn’t detain us here, Dear Reader, and, as such I found myself listening to In Our Time on Radio4. I like IOT, diverse and challenging (explain the meaning of this really complex area so that mortal listeners can understand it, in 15 seconds, would you Prof), but don’t normally hear it. As I only listen to the radio when in the car, and I’m usually at work by 9.

I digress.

So, IOT. It was on Laurence Stearne’s Tristram Shandy. This got me thinking about Grammar. Laurence generated a very unconventional masterpiece. Now, of course, I haven’t read it myself. A friend once gave me a copy of it and told me it was a masterpiece, a genre breaking work that redefined what the novel could be, and what writing could be. But, Dear Reader, incomprehensible, and I couldn’t…

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