Making progress….step by step…….

Headsmart.......Reflections of a Headteacher

I have been looking at the school development plan today. Before I began looking at it, I thought that not much has been completed. But when you delve down into the finer details, you realise that actually much has been accomplished.

We don’t realise how much takes place in a day, in a week, in a month. We get so wrapped up in the minutes and hours of the day, rushing here and there and trying to get every little last bit done, that we often don’t have time to look at the overview and to see the little accomplishments.

It was heartening to look at the development plan in this way. As it was only recently finalised in January, I was dubious at how much progress had taken place. But now, having gone through the plan, it is clear that we have made huge steps forward. Yes, there are…

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