What to say to phonic sceptics

In the UK we often hear people making anti-phonics claims in the media, which demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of Synthetic Phonics.   Mike Lloyd-Jones, in his book ‘Phonics and the Resistance to Reading’ lists these wrong assertions and challenges them.  Based on his book, here is how we can answer their claims:

“The English language is non-phonetic “

This is not the case.  The English language has a phonic alphabetic code.  It is complex.   Children are taught first the simple part then the complex part.  As part of the complex code children learn alternative spellings for sounds and alternative sounds for spellings.  Most children will need to learn roughly 100 grapheme to phoneme correspondences to become fluent readers.  Very few words fall outside of the phonic code.  Why would we withhold knowledge and skills we know will help children learn to read?  Would we withhold useful information from children when teaching…

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