Governor and governance: Who I am and what I do matters (I hope!)

Governing Matters

Over the past few weeks I have read many wonderful blogs in the #WhoIAmWhatIDo series. Headteachers, teachers and a school business manager have all contributed to this series of posts. These have inspired me and as I haven’t come across one from a governor, I thought I’d put pen to paper.

The “Who I am and what I do?” is a difficult question to answer. There are many facets to my personality and these jigsaw pieces fit together to make the whole me.

Education has played a very important part, one way or another, in my and my family’s life. My great grandfather sent his daughters to school, much to the astonishment of the village elders! My parents made sure I was surrounded by books and I’ve done the same with my daughters. I have been a student, a primary school teacher, a University lecturer and an adult literacy volunteer…

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