High expectations-S.L.A.N.T with the boys

From the Sandpit...

“Low-level disruption is like kryptonite for the well-planned lesson. It’s like a woodpecker boring a hole in your head with a toffee hammer while wearing a Pete Doherty mask. It’s that annoying. And it’s that insidious.  By itself, it is disrespectful and distracting. Left unattended, it erodes the sharp edges of your lessons like a river rubs a path through a mountain, grain by grain. It’s the thin end of the wedge. Why so serious? Because low-level disruption is what pupils do instead of learning. It’s a classic diversionary tactic where the sole function, by intelligent design or dumb malice, is to turn your lesson from a symphony to a cats’ chorus.”  Tom Bennett

I’m a huge Doug Lemov fan and have recently purchased the follow up to Teach like a Champion, the Teach like a champion field guide. This also coincides with a few changes to our KS3…

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