Moving on: The things I’ll miss

Those that can...

Those who know me, and those who’ve followed me closely, will know that there are a number of very valid reasons for me moving on from my current school to a new exciting SLT challenge at the end of May. As the time approaches, I’m increasingly aware of the things I value where I am now, and, partly as a tribute to a place that has played such a huge role such a significant period of my life, and partly by way of catharsis, I’d like to record them here.

1. Inclusivity in action

Not just in terms of our provision for a huge range of students, including some of the best provision for deaf and autistic students I’ve ever come across, but in terms of the total acceptance of every member of the community, regardless of background, education, colour, religion, dress-sense. We don’t just tolerate diversity, we celebrate it…

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