In memory of A. and amazing school trips

Those that can...

There’s no punch in the guts quite like hearing about the death of a former student. This was A. in 2004.


When I had the time and energy, I planned a school trip every year. We did Berlin twice, Barcelona, Italy, Paris… This one was to the South of France, and was by far our happiest. Partly because we teachers were in our working-too-hard, partying-too-heard mid-twenties and needed sunshine and a reminder of why we did the job more than we realised. And partly because of the kids we took. On paper, it was a nightmare. Over two thirds of the 18 kids we took had a special need of one kind or another, and most had severe and complex issues at home. Being Central London in the mid-nineties, we tapped every fund available, and very few of the kids paid very much at all for what was a very expensive…

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