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No formal moves yet  but in practice chains are being scrutinised

When will Ofsted formally inspect Academy chains? After all, Sir Michael Wilshaw seems to be in favour of chain inspections.  The truth is that Ofsted is already pretty much on the case. Witness Ofsteds   treatment of the E-ACT  chain .It was  subjected to what was   termed a’ focused inspection’, although  it was, in effect, a chain inspection, in all but name  . Ofsted inspects academy chains currently through what it calls ‘batched inspections of schools within chains’. Ofsted, of course, has previously inspected a group of academies within the AET chain. The AET approach in the eyes of ministers is seen as  effective ,  so there are no plans to widen Ofsted’s role, for example,  in   inspecting  chains head offices.  But for how much longer? Particularly as the government itself is expressing concerns over some  of…

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